After a career as a successful Aircraft Engineer for the Royal Air Force, a Field Support Representative and Engineering Manager for the Boeing Company, Christopher Brown walked away from the corporate life to follow his passion for Photography. During his two-year stay in Afghanistan, he discovered there was more to life than money and being bound to a 9 to 5 corporate career.

Christopher brings a passion to his photography, and videography;  a heart and soul that developed from his corporate and military background.  He captures the beauty, spirit and the essence of the moment, so others can experience the enthusiasm he sees the world has to offer.

His art draws the viewer in through the engagement between the subject and the camera.  He strives for dignity and empathy with all of his images to maintain a realistic view whether it is editorial, documentary, photojournalism or fine art.  He carefully selects his color palette with regard to vibrance to ensure the viewer is not biased by the over use of effects.  He ensures the true image is represented at all times.

"You let them have a bit of you and you have a bit of them for that split second."

“The result was a series of portraits that look almost like oil paintings — showing details and imperfections like brush strokes.” 

Lindsay Lazarski, WHYY Newsworks

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